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Studio — A Friend Of Mine

Overview is a complete web-based platform for distributing, selling and reading ebooks. With the intent to make reading ebooks fun and approachable, takes away the technical barriers. The identity had to reflect this ease in a warm and welcoming manner. A quirky bespoke typeface based on a pair of spectacles was created, lending a playful approach which was flexible enough to work as a stand-alone mark and housed within a ribbon device. We took reference from classic literary production techniques such as gilded page edges on the side of books as a nod to the past and used bookmarks as promotional collateral, adding a whimsical sense of irony to the identity. Inventive Labs designed the online environment with illustrations by Lachlan Conn and Ben Sanders.



Expatriate Australian owners of antipodean café Flat White in London approached A Friend of Mine to design their second café Milkbar in Soho.

Careful not to overstep the cultural cringe barrier, the identity had to hold true to its Australian roots whilst not being over the top. A bespoke typographic identity was created based on the pouring of steamed milk into espresso. Hints to the Australian roots added in signage and interior elements such as sign painted door graphics emulating colourful rubber fly curtains found in suburban Australian milkers.



Pixelflix is a digital production and editing company, specialising in tailoring content for the online environment. A Friend of Mine created a bespoke identity visually exploring the nature of their work, which often begins with various confusing scenes out of context being rearranged and transformed into a comprehensive legible whole. The identity story always seen in a series of 3 states also references the in flux nature of the online environment in which Pixelflix specialises.


Skin + Bones

‘Skin + Bones’ is an exhibition focusing on the parallels between fashion and architecture held at Somerset House in London. When developing the identity for the exhibition, pin and thread art from the 1970s formed the inspiration: a craft which merged both fashion elements (thread) and architectural foundations (pins). Signage extended this material literally whilst a graphic approach was applied to the typographic identity for the printed exhibition catalogue and invitations.

Produced whilst working at Multistorey, under the creative directorship of Rhonda Drakeford and Harry Woodrow. Shown here with their kind permission.


Lovely bespoke lettering work from Australian based studio — A Friend Of Mine


A big thank you to Rhys & Suzy for making this possible.


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