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Danny’s Continental Cocktail Lounge


Danny’s Continental Cocktail Lounge by Daniel Patrick Helmstetter

is a mural/painting/installation at Solo(s) Project House in Newark, NJ.

Painted over the course of 3 long weeks in September of 2010, it is a big bold ceiling-to-floor literary explosion; a poem that has painted its way off the page.

It exists within the lobby space of the eclectic and boundary-pushing new studio/gallery space, Solo(s) Project House in Newark.  The piece pulsates with rhythm and movement as it claims ownership of every corner turn doorway and crevice within the space, making the installation a visceral, if not disorienting, experience.

Originally exhibited as part of the ‘Fight Amongst Yourselves‘ show, alongside installations by Lori Merhige, Josh Knoblick, and Marc D’Augusto for Open Doors Newark 2010, the mural will remain on view through March of 2011.

It can be viewed by appointment, or during one of the many upcoming events at Solo(s).  To schedule an appointment or to find out more about Solo(s)’ upcoming events, visit or check their facebook page.

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