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MuirMcNeil | TypeCon 2016 visual identity / modular design system



TypeCon, the annual convention of the American Society of Typographic Aficionados, is one of the largest and most significant events in the international design calendar. For its 2016 conference in Seattle, WA, MuirMcNeil was invited to design the visual identity.

In response to the title of the event, Resound, MuirMcNeil’s solution was to produce a modular visual system that would have both impact and coherence across a wide range of applications. Working with a deliberately restricted palette of typographic forms and colours, they developed an extensive series of visual hierarchies that were modulated as the direct result of differences in textual content. In individual applications, separate levels of information were emphasized or diminished as required within predefined constraints.

The visual system was generated from a set of typefaces and corresponding background panels developed specifically for the project. The MuirMcNeil TwoPoint and TwoPlus type systems consist of 76 parametric base fonts that can be manipulated in layers to provide over 5,500 possible typographic configurations that are unpredictable and remarkably variegated in their appearance.

The result of their implementation for TypeCon 2016 was a flexible but instantly recognisable identity whose bright colours, clean geometries and ambiguous relationships of form and counterform playfully engaged with notions of legibility and taste while also reflecting on the modular foundations of traditional and contemporary typographic form-giving.

MuirMcNeil TwoPoint and TwoPlus type systems are available at


Image Details

Poster (and detail)

Printed offset litho in black and neon green. 89x60cm

Postcard, Stickers and Badges

Logo variation

The TypeCon 2016 identity uses a flexible visual system across all applications. Instead of employing a fixed logo, the typographic hierarchy responds to content, context and media. Visual emphasis is controlled through relationships of foreground and background elements across the identity to generate a rich and varied palette of weight, tone and texture. All visual components are constructed with glyphs from MuirMcNeil’s monospaced TwoPoint and TwoPlus typefaces, where a common grid determines the shapes of all letter contours, background panels and spaces, allowing every form and counterform to align precisely.


Printed offset litho in black and neon green. 254x110mm.

Using MuirMcNeil TwoPlus typefaces throughout, a consistent information hierarchy is applied at a macro level to the front cover and section divider pages and at a micro level in text.

Destop Clock for Mac OS

Desktop clock for TypeCon 2016 using 66 typefaces from MuirMcNeil’s TwoPoint and TwoPlus type systems. In two precisely registered layers, fonts for time, date, and background panels are programmed to change randomly every minute. With layer colours reversing for am and pm, this results in over 8,000 possible overlay combinations.


iOS lock screens

Tote Bag and T-shirt


Gobo at the entrance to the auditorium at the Amazon Doppler Tower, Seattle WA


Conference presentation title frames, speaker announcement frames and intermission video stills at the Amazon Doppler Tower, Seattle WA.


External Links

Intermission video link:


Download Mac OS Desktop Clock:



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Special Thanks to Hamish Muir and Paul McNeil for the Typecon photography and information




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