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MuirMcNeil | Cut



MuirMcNeil Cut is a stencil type family inspired by designs from two different historical periods.

Cut’s proportions are based on the forms of neoclassical typefaces produced in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries such as those by Firmin Didot, Giambatista Bodoni and Robert Thorne. The sharp vertical stroke contrast of these types is pushed to an extreme in Cut, with hairline cross-strokes dissolved into open white spaces that reduce its letterforms to individual geometric segments.

The systematic construction of Cut’s letters is informed by the types created in the early twentieth century by designers like Herbert Bayer, Josef Albers and Jan Tschichold, who broke down the parts of letters into simple geometric units that could be used as structural components to build alphabets by means of scaling, reflection, repetition and redistribution.

Although the typefaces produced in these historical periods appear to share few visual attributes, they can be seen as stages in the development of a common heritage that is rational, reductive, elegant and modern.

Cut is intended to reconcile these disparate points of reference. It is currently available as an OpenType display family in three weights.



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