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Meret Pro


Meret Pro is a straightforward typeface for newspapers and so much more. At home in tight columns and dense leading, is it another monster for text? Yes! Long after other typefaces have gone home, Meret Pro will roll up its sleeves and set word after word, line after line and column after column.

Where Pensum Pro mixes the broad nib with the brush, Meret Pro’s refined shapes balance the broad nib with the pointed pen. The result: a typeface that is at once hardy and refined. Its wide range of eight weights include four geared for text (light, regular, book, medium) and give enough variety for complex editorial typography. Vivid display styles and unpretentious italics give the typeface the flexibility for serious and modern typography that demands frankness.

For Meret, a typeface fine-tuned to contemporary typographic requirements, one set of figures is not enough! Meret’s almost serif-less figures come in five styles, each with matching tabulars. For tiny text sizes, the default figures are drawn slightly taller than the x-height; making them strong enough for tricky conditions and unobtrusive enough that they do not distract. And, of course, there are also lining figures and — for romantics — classic oldstyle figures. As it’s a TypeMates font, there are also all the small cap figures and superiors you could possibly want.

With more than a thousand glyphs and lots of OpenType features, Meret can fulfil every typographic need. For lovers of book typography, the small caps are wider than the caps and you will find punctuation in case and small-cap sensitive variations. Meret’s Adobe Latin 3 encoding is a TypeMates standard and gives a wide range of flexibility for Latin language support.

After being initially released with OurType in 2011, Nils Thomsen’s Meret Pro has now been republished with TypeMates. With this release comes an update: Meret Pro’s forms and features have been subtly remastered; additional experience improving a tried and tested design.

Meret is a winner of the Letter.2 type design competition organized by the Association Typographique Internationale in 2011, was one of Typographica’s Notable Releases in 2011, and won a Commarts Excellence Award in 2012.

Designer: Nils Thomsen
Publisher: TypeMates

Single Style, starting at € 59 (incl. german taxes)
Complete Family, starting at € 339 (incl. german taxes)
Intro offer for complete Family: 50% off => € 169,50 (incl. german taxes)

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