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Fontsmith custom. MAC, Belfast.


Fontsmith have designed a brand new bespoke typographic identity for the Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC) in Belfast.

In July 2011 the good folk at AV Browne asked Fontsmith to explore the creative possibilities for a MAC typeface that supported the architectural style of the space and one that retained a definite graphic quality.

Fontsmith designers Phil Garnham and Fernando Mello set upon developing a modern geometric type style that integrated and provided support to AV Browne’s angular brick concept, which is based around 30° angles. Project design director Chris Killeen of AV Browne explains – “The two main elements to the visual system take their cues from the building itself, the materials and the angles within the space. The first is a bespoke typeface using combinations of 30° angles to create characterful letters. The second is the wireframe pattern based on the bricks used within the building”

The logotype also uses the bespoke typeface with a few added extras. The fold in the logo mirrors the angles used within the font and brick elements which implies the context of the larger arts space environment as well as creating a nice consistent yet evolving relationship throughout the identity.

You can catch all the latest developments at the MAC here




Charmaine Irwin

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