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Evelin Kasikov CMYK Embroidery | Handprinted Alphabet




Evelin Kasikov CMYK embroidery | Handprinted Alphabet

I was fortunate to discover Evelin Kasikov’s cmyk embroidery letterforms project at this years London Design Festival – Check out more of her work at

Thanks to Evelin for exclusive images of her current ‘Handprinted Alphabet’ project

These lowercase sans serif letterforms consist of four CMYK colours and 26773 stitches. They are printed with needle and thread instead of ink. First, a 4-layer halftone grid is created. Instead of dots, crosses are used to create halftone pattern. As in traditional printing, the screen for each colour is set at a different angle: Cyan 105˚, Magenta 75˚, Yellow 90˚ and Black 45˚. The screen frequency for original stitched letters is 3 lines per inch. Each letter consists of equal blend of CMYK colours, Cyan being printed first and Black last.


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