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Bespoke darts league face — Purpose


London studio Purpose recently developed a bespoke typeface and series of motivational posters for its own internal darts league. Created by senior designer Sean Rees he explains “For a long time I’ve admired the character of the wire numbers surrounding our studio dart-board. There’s something about the physicality of the bent-wire, ugly yet beautiful, that’s very appealing. Maybe the hours spent playing in front of it has burnt them into my retina. So when Purpose Darts Leauge 2013 came around I used it as an opportunity to create a bespoke typeface inspired by it.”

The individual characters of the typeface reflect the quirks of the wire numbers – a single monoline completes each character, accompanied by a ‘hanging-line’ wire further reflecting the dart board.

About Purpose Darts League
The game of darts plays a central role in the culture of our studio, used to bring democracy to team tea making with daily ‘darts for tea’ play-offs. Each year we also hold a cross company darts competition.

The tournament saw staff competing in a series of weekly duels, battling to get their hands on the coveted Purpose darts trophy, handed down from years of previous champions. To fuel the flames of competitiveness and banter within the studio, posters using the bespoke typeface were places in and around the studio in the lead up to and during the tournament.

The final between Matt ‘Persistent’ Price and Greg ‘Geoff’ Deacon was played on 17 October with Greg being crowned champion.

Thank you to Sean Rees for helping us bring this to TypeToken.





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