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Urban artist PIKY is inspired by the aftermath of war and revolution (and underlying themes of sociological, political de/reconstruction).

Originally drawn to the fractured urban environments which he encountered in the more subversive quarters of Cuba, Russia, and Eastern Europe, PIKY became intoxicated with these street textures (which he terms ‘the Filth’): a gritty cocktail of revolution, collective memory, alien alphabets and advertising, served up in ad hoc layerings, combinations, and patterns. Today the artist explores this theme by transforming London street ephemera into subversive, satirical, and political art.

PIKY’s work brings him into conflict with authority (and the other ‘Filth’): the dynamic act of ‘vandalising’ commercial advertising is the core theatre of his work.

He’s also driven by conflict with his alter egos: creating three distinct personae to separate his disparate activities as an artist > graphic designer > art collector/dealer.

PIKY usually wins the battle though, and he’s currently planning the next family holiday to Beirut!



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