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The Type Fellowship


The Type Fellowship — An embodiment of passion towards the power of language and its engagement with visual form. Initiated by my desire to instill enthusiasm for what is often mistakenly viewed as a stuffy subject.

The project consists of a lecture for students comprising inspiration and guidance for typogrphical treatment. An accompanying printed guide was produced featuring work and wise words sourced from contributors:

Andy AltmannJonathan BarnbrookWim Crouwel,
Kjell Ekhorn & Jon ForssVince Frost,
Lionel HatchRudy VanderLansJohn Warwicker

It is my firm belief that type is one of the most powerful tools in a designers arsenal. Typographic designers are architects of information, constructing meaning and imparting an emotional response through crafted compositions. Welcome to The Fellowship…

By: Harry Heptonstall


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