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The Counter Press | Display Type


The Counter Press is a letterpress studio and workshop based in an old chocolate factory in London’s East End. Working exclusively with traditional hand set wood and metal type they create contemporary typographic design, artwork and limited edition prints.


Display Type

One print, two ways: A specimen of wood type

’Display type’ was born in the mid 1700s. A product of the industrial revolution, it’s development was driven by changing tastes and a need to shout louder in a world of booming trade and the brave new era of advertising. Yet it wasn’t until the 1830s, with the perfection of mass producing wooden type, that foundries were able to offer these fashionable and fancy new display faces at almost any size.

So, what better way to display our collection of original wooden display type than as a poster. Or perhaps as a set of postcards. Or both.

This type specimen of wooden type has been designed to work as both a single A2 poster and as 16 individual A6 postcards, produced from the same print. An extra introduction card and wrap-around sleeve were designed to complete the packs.

Designed, type set and printed by hand in black on three colours of Arjowiggins Pop’Set and charcoal Fedrigoni Savile Row paper. In an edition of 30 postcard sets and 30 posters.




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