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Production Type | Gemeli Micro


Production type continues the series of companion publications to its typefaces. The second one is the Gemeli Micro typeface specimen.


Each Production Type printed specimen features a companion essay.

For Gemeli Micro, type historian Sébastien Morlighem provides a study about the origins of microscopic types. Morlighem analyzes the historical environment of Gemeli Micro, from miniature books, newspaper agate and telephone directories to the works of Émile Javal and Ladislas Mandel.



English text. Design by Julien Lelièvre. Printed in France. Dual color printing, saddle-stich binding, perforation, Arctic The Volume 120gsm paper + 350 gsm grey cardboard insert. DIN A5 (21 × 15 cm), 32pp.

ISBN 979-10-93578-02-6


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