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LetterScapes | Anna Saccani




A Global Survey of Typographic Installations

Anna Saccani

Fans of vernacular typography and ‘SuperGraphics’ will love ‘Letterscapes’ by Anna Saccani, A fantastic photographic survey – featuring some of the best large scale typographic installations from around the world

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LetterScapes is a tribute to the power of type writ large. 
A global survey of one of the most creative areas of public art – 
large-scale typographic installations – featuring work by 
nearly forty practitioners.

Today we are bombarded with words – public spaces are saturated with a discordant mix of messages. But sometimes a sentence, a word or even a single letter can stop us in our tracks. LetterScapes features thirty-seven such works from all over the world, by artists and designers with large international followings.

Photographs, maps and diagrams explore each project in detail, and an introduction highlights the cultural importance and common themes of the works featured. Interviews with key designers provide a personal insight into why they chose words over images to transmit their message, how the locations for their work are chosen, how they selected the material and the typeface, and how they think their work connects with its particular landscape or setting.

Includes work by Ahn Sang-soo • Ashton Raggatt McDougall • BBPR • Joan Brossa 
Cardozo Kindersley Workshop • Paul Carter • Caruso St John
 Chermayeff & Geismar • Estudio SIC & Buj+Colón • FA+ • Ian Hamilton Finlay
 • Catherine Griffiths • Rudolph de Harak • Robert Indiana
 • Intégral Ruedi Baur • Ilya Kabakov • Richard Kindersley • René Knip
 Attila F. Kovács • Maya Lin • Karel Martens • Anton Parsons
 • Michael Bierut / Pentagram • Paula Scher / Pentagram • 
Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt • Maarten de Reus • Pierre di Sciullo
 • Smith-Miller+Hawkinson


Anna Saccani studied Visual Communications and Multimedia Design at IUAV, Venice. She has worked as a graphic designer and writes for such architecture and design magazines as Casabella.

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