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I Love Type Series 1 — 6 | Viction:ary


I Love Type Series 1 — 6 | Viction:ary

The excellent series of ‘I Love Type’ books continues with the release of ‘I Love Gill Sans’ and ‘I love Franklin Gothic’. Beautifully illustrated with contemporary and inspiring design examples utilising each classic typeface. The collection includes I Love Futura (Vol. 1), I Love Avant Garde (Vol. 2), I Love Bodoni (Vol. 3), I Love DIN (Vol. 4) and I Love Franklin Gothic (Vol. 6).

Roll on ‘I love Akzidenz-Grotesk’ (vol.7)??



I Love Type Series (vol.5): I Love Gill Sans

Edited and designed by

Centering on Gill Sans and its modern variations in graphic applications, I Love Gill Sans is the fifth volume of the I Love Type series, prefaced by Jan Middendorp, a specialist in the development of type and graphic design.


I Love Type Series (vol.6): I Love Franklin Gothic

Edited and designed by

Named in honour of American printer, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Gothic had been a popular sans serif typeface for headlines and display settings. Designed by Morris Fuller Benton (1872-1948) and released by American Type Founders in the early 1900s, Franklin Gothic originated as two designs – for display and text – and later grew to a full range of alphabets, including condensed, Wide and Book, over the century, widely adopted as corporate typeface and for logo design even today.

With its focus on Franklin Gothic and its modern variations in graphic design, I Love Franklin Gothic reintroduces the type in the current with a foreword by Allan Haley, former vice president of ITC and currently the director of Words and Letters at Monotype Imaging.


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