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Hey: Design & Illustration


The name ‘Hey’, is not only a moniker for the company, but an ethos – a smile, a surprise, a welcome shock to the system – and every form of communication that comes out of their studio adheres to this.One of the most innovative and celebrated European design agencies of recent years, Hey are capable of working in a variety of mediums and fields, uniting both spheres of graphic design and illustration seamlessly.

The work and accompanying text within this book, covering clients such as Monocle, Paypal, Nokia and Uniqlo, as well as the promotional pieces and illustrations, were selected to help demonstrate this versatility and to give an insight into how the studio’s ideas are hatched and their problems solved.

What strikes us first, when we look at the body of work created by Hey, is a love for what they do. They say, ‘if you love what you do, then you will never work another day in your life’, and I think there is certainly some truth to that old adage. To that effect, it is clear why Hey have picked up a cult-like status among their hundreds of thousands of social media fans, during their ten years in design.

Everything we love about design is celebrated within their work; from colour, shape and pattern to illustration and typography – these disparate elements, continuously intertwining to amaze, delight and enthrall us.

The Barcelona-based studio is renowned for its bright, playful graphics and their output is a fine example of what can be achieved, with a limited number of graphic devices, in order to bring about a strikingly arresting end result. They contrast and clash shapes and colours, while forms are bent, ripped and manoeuvred in endless ways – always culminating in something fresh; something new.

There is a sense of creativity within their work, and indeed of play, alongside unquestionable technical ability. Their work, much like their name, is fun. We never view a Hey project that appears not to have been a joy to create and this is due, in part, to the fact that many of their projects stem from personal work and the same sense of energy is present in both. It is this sense of balance between commercial work and experimental projects that has garnered so many fans, many of whom would surely dream of enjoying a similar level of creative freedom.

One of the things that drew me to the work of Hey, from early on in their career, was the seamless marriage of design and illustration – as completely fresh ten years ago as it is today. This potent mix has resulted in an enviable client list, including the likes of Paypal, Nokia and Oxfam.

The work on show within this book, from clients such as these as well as the promotional pieces and illustrations, is by no means a complete archive of Hey’s work. Neither is it exclusively the prize-winning or the most ‘well-known’ projects.

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Hey: Design & Illustration


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Size: 175x245m
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Binding: Clothbound, hardback book with ribbon.
ISBN: 978-0-9935812-7-4


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