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Grids : AVA academia



The updated edition of ‘Grids’ published by Ava academia – is well worth checking out. Something for everyone (from students to seasoned pros) in this well designed book, explanations / theories behind grid systems and illustrated with some beautiful ‘real life’ grid based work.

Ava information

A comprehensive guide to the use of grids in graphic design.

Argues for an informed and flexible approach to using grids, to allow for effective and creative designs.

Contemporary case studies are supported by concise descriptions, technical expansions and diagrammatic visualizations, enabling the reader to fully understand the work being discussed.

An in-depth guide, supported by interviews, exercises and resources, all presented in a visually stimulating style designed to appeal to students and practitioners of the creative arts.


Shouldn’t have been so quick to drop the math classes in favor of literature and film.


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