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Glorious Book of Curious Cocktails


The Glorious Book of Curious Cocktails is a disgustingly distinguished recipe book, using slugs and slime to teach literacy and encourage imagination.

The 44 page book was devised by illustrator and designer Lisa Maltby, inspired by her son’s amusement of her cocktail illustration commissions and his suggestion of replacing lemons and limes with slugs and slime.

The book was initially created as a humorous concept but was developed into a fun educational resource. Beautifully illustrated and with laugh-out-loud content, the book is divided into nonsensical recipes, literacy activities and real recipes that can be made with edible and child-friendly ingredients.

The activity pages teach onomatopoeia, alliteration and other literary devices, encouraging readers to use language and imagination to invent their own nonsensical recipes.

Lisa created the full design and illustration of the book and also developed a hand-drawn font for it, ensuring each and every element of the book is entirely unique. The book is currently on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter in order to fund publishing it as a beautiful hardcover A4 book.

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