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Euclid BP | Emmanuel Rey |


Euclid BP | Emmanuel Rey |

It is not easy to bring a new design into the well-known field of Futura.
I would not like people to consider Euclid BP as a revival.

Since it’s first use, at this time exclusive, in 2009 for the identity of a contemporary art festival in Switzerland (Les Urbaines), the aesthetic produced by Euclid BP was quickly adopted by young designers.

I have taken a radical approach to basic geometry to design a typeface with a strong impact and self-identity, which was actually the opposite of Renner’s aim for his Futura. He wanted to avoid decorative and non-essential elements: I want to show some wildness. It has to show attitude and to be immediately recognizable, to look as a 21st century font and not as another wise revival of an early 20th century geometric font.

I consider myself much more of a contemporary designer, than a nostalgic one, and think that new aesthetics of fonts are needed in order to give graphic designers the necessary and essential tools they need to build an image that fits our time.

Emmanuel Rey



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