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Design Origin: Germany


In an increasingly globalised world, some designs still stand out with unparalleled magnificence. This characteristic quality originates in an integrated approach that matches cultural understanding to modern problems. From the choice of materials to the perfect union of modern and traditional crafts, these solutions salute the creators’ origin and abode, projecting a refreshing standpoint that appeals curious eyes in a monotonous modern culture.

With a notion to compare the diverse visual landscapes of different cultures, Design Origin is a brand new design reference collection that examines the creative works of one country at a time. As the second edition, Design Origin: Germany explores the nation’s contemporary design that remarkably balances form and functionality while pushing for a wider acceptance of radical ideas. The title profiles more than 40 prolific creatives who relentlessly produce stunning work for local and international clients from the fields of art and culture, music, fashion, sports, architecture and publishing.

Through short interviews and a carefully edited showcase, the book illustrates the unique vision and creative universe of established and emerging talents from different generations as they share their thoughts and give insight into Germany’s design scene next to an astounding breadth of brand identities, communications, packaging, editorials, illustrations, photography and artistic set designs authentically crafted on German soil.

Price and Availability

Available worldwide in August 2016

– 256 pages
– 185 x 250 mm (H)
– Full colour throughout
– Soft cover
– English
– ISBN 978-988-13204-5-2


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