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Colour Options


Colour Options

All about the love

Colour Options have been working with Lee Goater to develop their brand and marketing. Lee said, ‘I was introduced to Colour Options about 3 years ago by Matthew Sharf from GF Smith when I needed a reliable digital printer and been working them since. Their knowledge, attention to detail and lack of pushy sales people makes Colour Options the ideal company to work with.’ A year ago Matt Taylor, their managing director approached Lee looking for help with their marketing.

Working with recent graduate Alex Finney, his then intern, they set out on their creative exploration and following lots of conversations, experimentation and numerous meetings they presented the ‘Print Love’ concept.

Lee said, ‘Yorkshire based Colour Options is a family run business and everybody involved is passionate about the roll they play in the business. They genuinely care about what they produce. It’s all about the love.’ The concept was really well received and Matt and team were really excited about the possibilities.

‘I’m a bit of a hoarder and have boxes full of bits print I’ve collected over the years tucked away for reference. I wanted to make something useful and collectable people could get some inspiration from.’ said Lee. The design solution is simple and adaptable, letting the print processes sing so other designers can see how the processes can easily apply to their projects. Lee said ‘Essentially it’s a dream job, I’m like a boy in a sweet shop and get to play with all their resources.’ The Suisse family of typefaces from Swiss Typefaces has been utilised and works really effectively across print and screen applications.

Matt said ‘It’s been a great journey working with Lee. When the Print Love concept was presented I realised straight away he knew exactly what Colour Options are about. The approach allows us to quickly print and share what we can do. We can showcase materials, enhancements and finishes available.’

Working with photographer Mezz Davies to capture their resources they set a style guide so Colour Options can use social media to celebrate and share the beautiful projects they print and produce for their clients. In 2018 they plan to collaborate with different designers, and image makers to enhance the campaign. There is an A3 mailer out soon featuring a Richard Moran image for Pheonix Dance printed on Offenbach by Fenner paper and a 2018 desk calendar that experiments with the new neon inks available for the HP Indigo press.

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