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All Sorts | Gridula/The Print Project


All Sorts is ultimately a bit of fun. A typographic exploration by designer and printer ‘Gridula’, the A6 sized hand-bound book features a series of characters created from letterpress type. These ‘typographic people’ echo the human form — each different and yet composed of similar parts — and play on the fact that we recognise the human form instantly and derive great pleasure from seeing it played around with in different mediums.

The title ‘All Sorts’ is a pun, relying on letterpress printing terminology: an individual letter in lead or wood is called a ‘sort’. Whilst these are usually used to build up words, the designer uses them here to build up his people, All Sorts. The letters and characters used to create each person were chosen specifically for their features in order to convey a variety of facial expressions, body language or emotions, to successfully build up a personality for the figure.

The book uses a simple colour palette — black, with red to highlight details — and is printed on Somerset Book 175gsm and Cairn Natural dark Grey 270gsm in an edition of 100 hand numbered copies. All Sorts was printed by hand on a 40 year old Korrex proofing press at The Print Project and bound by hand by Roger Grech of Papercut Bindery.

All Sorts can be found in the collections of:
The Tate and London Centre for Book Arts.

A deluxe version is planned for some point in the future.
The regular edition can be purchased here for £7.00 +p&p

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