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Karel Martens | Prints | Roma Publications


Karel Martens (Dutch Graphic Design Master) letterpress print experiments are always a thing of beauty and inspiration – The recently published ‘Karel Martens: Prints’ from Roma Publications features his most recent monoprints (2014–2016).

Martens has been producing these letterpress experiments since the 1950’s –  Check out the other links below especially the video link (showing how the prints are created)

Roma Publications info

This artist publication contains a sequence of unique letterpress monoprints, made by Karel Martens between 2014 and 2016, reproduced at actual size (except for two larger prints). It is available in two different cover versions which is the result of a printing experiment by printing all the content of the book in 3 layers on one print sheet, which was cut and folded into two different covers.

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Further Information

VIDEO : Dutch Profile: Karel Martens
P! – Karel Martens: Selected Letterpress Works
CCVA – Karel Martens: Monoprints
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