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Lee Goater | All the way round exhibition


Commissioned by Leeds Libraries and Dep Arts, Lee Goater was asked to create site specific work for The Art Space within Leeds Central Library, to form part of the WordPlay series of exhibitions and events. In response to the space and a love of geometric shapes, Lee embarked on an graphic adventure – exploring process, form and geometry in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the circle’s unique and mystical shape.

Circles are everywhere, physically, spiritually and socially. They warm us, guide us, carry us and connect us. A unique shape with one side and no corners. Our prehistoric ancestors built them, the ancient Greeks pondered their perfection. Psychiatrists have suggested attempting to draw a perfect circle is the first sign of madness while Zen Buddhists see this process leading to absolute enlightenment.


But do true circles actually exist? Outside of mathematical theory it would seem not. True circles do not appear in nature and are not apparent anywhere in our universe.

Even when created using a computer a circle is basically an infinitely-sided equilateral parallelogram. Circles do not exist outside of theory. Imperfections and anomalies are what make life interesting, beautiful and ultimately possible. If a single point exists in time then instantly an infinite number of points must also exist with infinite variations and infinite possibilities. Life is not perfect, everybody is different. Let’s celebrate our differences, honour imperfections and take pride in our shortcomings. After all, it doesn’t really matter.



Lee’s work is often informed by primary shapes, simple systems, basic patterns and enjoys the restrictions forced by production process limitations. This project presented an opportunity to collaborate with accomplished specialists from within his creative circles.


All pieces designed and directed by Lee Goater but only made possible with the skill and knowledge of these fine people.



Alison McIntyre

Equilateral parallelograms

Wool on metal frame by Alison McIntyre, the curve stitch master.

Alison McIntyre is a visual artist working in Leeds. Creating curve stitching, pen & ink drawings and paintings for exhibitions and private commissions.



Duke Studios

Life the universe and everything

Laser-cut plywood, hand assembled and with skill and care by Duke Studios.

Duke Studios is an open collaborative space in the City Centre of Leeds. With a company motto of people first, business second, Duke is not your usual work space provider. Based around a Co-working model, Duke Studios provides a range of workspaces, creative services and facilities.



Jonny Akers

Subtle sircle series

Split fountain screen prints on GF Smith 280gsm Colourplan White lovingly printed by Jonny Akers.

Jonny Akers is a screen printer, maker and total legend. Previously headed up the mighty Döts Printhaus in Leeds now working from his new base in Bristol.



Papercut Bindery

All Change

Gold, silver and copper foil on Somerset Satin 300gsm paper. Magnesium plates bonded to the hot plate of a Kobo 338 blocking press.

Papercut Bindery is a craft bindery based in Shipley, West Yorkshire run by binder and printmaker Roger Grech. Work carried out is done solely by hand, using traditional tools and skills. Only high quality materials are used including ethically sourced leather and archival papers. Services include small print runs, individual bindings and repairs.



The Print Project

Two colour overprints

Letterpress printed using laser-cut MDF. Two colours overprinted onto Cairn Vanilla 320gsm (100% recycled) by hand one at a time on a 1972 Korrex Proofing Press by The Print Project

To The Print Project, letterpress printing is not an aesthetic, it’s a rigorous and methodical process which produces tactile vibrant printing that will make you want to kiss a goat, stroke a pig or say hello to Jesus.



Lee Goater


Four colour process printed digitally on 250gsm Arcoprint Uncoated by Colour Options York.

Visual exploration to understand the parameters, limitations and the space for play. Working with reductive palettes, primary shapes and simple systems

inform solutions that connect audiences, are easily understood and enjoyed.

This series is based on a 13×13 grid and demonstrates the limitless variations found within a simple system.


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