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Expanded Font


A moving image submission for The Second Annual Mill Co. Exhibition 2011 in association with Monotype. Directed by Mark Jewitt, shot on Phantom HD by Paul Lilley. Sound design by Bent Ear. Inspired by Akko by Akira Kobayashi.

Inspired by the Akko typeface designed by Akira Kobayashi, Mark’s reaction to the brief and his resulting piece is summarised briefly below:

‘The fonts set in the original brief were great and at first I was drawn to Rotis, but on reflection it wasn’t the most suitable font for the medium in which I was working. I chose Akko for practical as well as aesthetic reasons as I needed a font that looked beautiful in a weight heavy enough to be carved with a chainsaw, and then drilled and wired with charges. It’s been great to see the positive reaction to the piece to far’.



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