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This Lion, crouching next to the vehicle kept my son and I in


A Visit To The Game Reserve

moncler outlet online What can you see in the Kruger National Park? moncler outlet online

moncler jacket sale An early start, with a gate entry as it opened, gave us enough time to reach our favourite dam at sunrise. The first order of business, a cup of tea and sandwiches prepared the night moncler outlet online before. My son and I sat cheap moncler sale quietly, full mouths of cheap moncler jackets mothers food, while the light improved to allow us to see what awaited us. moncler jacket sale

moncler sale Our delight, a pride of lion appeared out of the dense bush and settled quietly next to the low shrubs. This, a wonderful start to our day, three lioness, a magnificent black mane male and two cubs two to three months old. This would entertain us for a good few hours, till, to our surprise an Impala (an African antelope) misjudged his proximity to the lions, or was unaware of them, approached the water in their vicinity, which resulted in his demise. One of the lioness, in a flash was up and after him, the others following, the sounds of the kill quite clear to us, the sighting blocked by the dense shrubbery. moncler sale

moncler outlet Would they reappear after eating, or was this the last we would see of them that day? Little did we know this was to turn into one of the most surprising days we had ever had in the Park. Lingering in anticipation, time passed on, the desire for a possible re sighting kept us glue to viewing the area they had entered. The Kudu and Water buck came down to drink , followed by more Impala and the life of nature continued unabated by the kill that had happened. Were they unaware of it, or was it now safer since the Lion had obtained a meal? moncler outlet

moncler outlet store We were not alone, six other moncler sale cars full cheap moncler outlet of visitors watching the same area, but as there appeared no further action they began to slip away. We, considering the advantages of waiting longer, decided to move on when a Park’s vehicle arrived. Fitted to the side window, one of the biggest video cameras I had ever seen. Moving my vehicle closer to this, we engaged the Game Ranger in conversation, enquiring about the camera and its use. Being informed that the camera used for the filming and the later checking for foot and mouth disease of an approaching group of Buffalo, we decided to wait. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets The conversation turned to the kill that had taken place earlier, and the Ranger informed us, if the kill too close to the approaching group, they would likely monlcer down jackets chase the Lion, as buy moncler jackets the group contained many young. Could I believe what I had just been told? My scepticism ended in a greeting and a moving of my vehicle to a more advantageous position for the approaching Buffalo. My son and I discussed this informed comment of the Ranger, moncler outlet sale could it possibility happen? We cheap moncler doubted the word of an expert, but decided a good Buffalo sighting worth the wait. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet jackets Three bulls approached first, magnificent in size and stature, down to the water directly to slate their obvious thirst. The herd followed, approaching without a worry in the world. They moncler outlet drank as if there was a following order, and calves protected between mothers. A glance over to the Ranger saw him busy with the video camera. moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet sale What a surprise awaited us, a sudden change in the moncler outlet store mood of the cows alerted us to watch carefully. The young quietly herded to the centre of the group, and the bulls accompanied with cows moved towards the shrub where the lions had disappeared. Noses pointed up, a scent detected, causing a milling and excited movement of the group. I started the vehicle and moved to a higher spot giving a better view of what may happen. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler outlet How it happened and how quick it happened is hard to describe, it seemed in a flash, the herd charged into the shrub and the lion bomb shelled out of it. There were lion Moncler Outlet , faces covered in blood, charging in all directions, followed by what appeared as a sea of black behind them. The Buffalo surged in one direction, then another, in pursuit of fleeing Lion. cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler What happened next, I find difficult to believe myself, the one lion cub, maybe older than the moncler mens jackets originally estimated two to three months old, charged next to my vehicle, a purplish Mazda half toner, and cowered just below my opened window. This probably appeared to it as a rocky outcrop that would favour it with protection. This Lion, crouching next to the vehicle kept my son and I in silence, I certainly entertained the thought of what if it decided to jump through the window. Who would get the bigger fright, it or I? cheap moncler

moncler jackets outlet The herd began to settle and return to the dam, the lions scattered in all directions no longer considered a danger to the young. What to do with the Lion beside the vehicle? I started the engine and the fright this little fellow experienced, obvious, it sprang in the air and ran in search of its parents, probably never to trust a rock again. moncler jackets outlet

moncler sale outlet We returned to try to find the Ranger, full of excitement of what we had just observed, unfortunately he had gone, and the story had to wait for us to return home so that we could excitedly relate it to my wife. What a moncler sale outlet day to have in the Park, a fantastic experience to share with your son, enjoying together the leisure and outdoor life moncler sale outlet.


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