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They’ve got their big four defense


Fenton each took long road to top NHL gigs

moncler outlet sale ST. Fenton hit the links recently in Fort moncler outlet Wayne, Indiana, it’s safe to say the subject of hockey came up in the conversation. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler outlet Ben, the assistant coach of the Fort Wayne Komets, is the coaching son of Wild coach Bruce Boudreau. Fenton, a Fort Wayne resident, is a scout for the Edmonton Oilers and oldest son of new Wild general manager Paul Fenton. cheap moncler outlet

moncler sale outlet It was the first ever meeting of people from the two hockey crazed families that will aim to bring a Stanley Cup to the state of Minnesota in the seasons to come. “He’s a good guy and it seems eerily similar to me and my dad.” moncler sale outlet

moncler jacket sale Indeed, the family dynamics do appear to resemble each other. moncler jacket sale

moncler sale Bruce Boudreau toiled in the minor leagues as a player and paid his dues as a coach , working his way from the lower levels of the pro ranks until becoming an NHL head coach for the first time at 53. moncler sale

He passed on his love of the game to all three of his sons. Ben’s Komets are in the Western Conference Finals in the ECHL playoffs, and the 33 year old is seen as an up and comer in the coaching world.

Paul also played a few hundred games in the minors and began his management career as a scout, working his way up from there, to chief pro scout, to director of player personnel and assistant GM before finally getting his first chance to run an organization at 58. Fenton embarked on a career in Europe as a player before retiring and moving into hockey operations, serving as a scout for the Oilers. Fenton said. “He seemed like a really good guy. I know their team [in Fort Wayne] is doing really well, so I don’t think the apple has fallen too far from the tree with him and his dad.

moncler factory outlet In the coming days and weeks, the focus will shift to Bruce and Paul and how these two hockey lifers can learn to co exist. The two played against each other as players in the minor leagues and are certainly familiar with each other’s r but the duo has never worked together in the past. moncler factory outlet

moncler jackets outlet That will change now, starting with dinner on Tuesday night when the two will begin to map out a course forward as the Wild aims to, not only return to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for a moncler outlet sale seventh consecutive year next season, but find a way to reach new heights once it gets there. moncler jackets outlet

Their shared grind to the top is certainly one thing they have in common and something Boudreau said he immediately respects about Fenton.

“You know hockey is in his blood,” Boudreau said. “I talked to him last night and I told him, ‘I was 53 before I got an opportunity to coach in the NHL. You’ve persevered and you’re in your 50s as well.’ I just think it’s a great thrill for him and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

moncler outlet For Fenton, the feelings are mutual. The longtime assistant general manager of the Nashville Predators has moncler sale witnessed from afar the monlcer down jackets 503 wins Boudreau has been a part of as head coach of the Washington Capitals, Anaheim Ducks and now with Minnesota. moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale In Boudreau’s two seasons here, Minnesota has earned at least 101 points, only the third and fourth times in franchise history the Wild has crossed the century mark. cheap moncler jackets sale

In Boudreau’s first year with the club, the Wild had a team record moncler mens jackets 106 points.

moncler outlet uk “Bruce is a very, very successful coach and has been, so what we’re going to work on, the two of us, how are we going to get to the cheap moncler jackets next level and how are we going to integrate everybody that we have here,” Fenton said. “That’s the most important thing, me building a relationship, him starting to learn to trust me, to trust what I’m going to see and look at certain things.” moncler outlet uk

Boudreau is certainly open to a new set of eyes, something Fenton will provide. The winningest coach (by percentage) cheap moncler sale in NHL history, the one thing that has eluded Boudreau during a hockey career that has spanned more than moncler sale outlet four decades buy moncler jackets is a Stanley Cup.

“You look at our team and you look at Nashville’s team and they’re very similar, and very similarly built,” Boudreau said. “Nashville is a four line team, we’re trying to make ourselves a solid four line team. They’ve got their big four defense, I think we have our big four defense. They’ve got a great goalie, we’ve got a great goalie. You add all of those things up, and I think there’s just tweaks that have to be made.”

cheap moncler coats “Tweaks” seemed to be the word of the day at Fenton’s press conference. When Wild owner Craig Leipold announced the team would not renew the cheap moncler contract moncler outlet online of former GM Chuck Fletcher last month, he said he believed a complete overhaul was not needed. cheap moncler coats

Interviews with several highly qualified candidates and a number of conversations with Fenton have done nothing to alter that belief.

moncler outlet online “Unanimously, they cheap moncler coats recognize we are a team that is just missing a piece. Making the playoffs six years in a row tells you a lot about our team. We’re a damn good team,” Leipold said. “We just need to maybe get to the next level, the next step, and what does that take? Hopefully Paul is going to help us to get to that point. moncler outlet online

“The interviews that we had, Paul was the one we felt was most experienced. The people I spoke with about Paul could not in any greater terms that wanted to win greater than Paul wants to win and will work harder to do it.”

moncler outlet store Having himself paid his dues to get where he is, Boudreau isn’t afraid of a little hard work. It’s how he shed the label as “interim” head coach with the Capitals after ascending to the NHL the first time. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets It’s how he’s managed to win more than 500 games in the best league in the world. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet jackets And it’s how he and Fenton will together, they hope moncler outlet , build a consistent winner in Minnesota. moncler outlet jackets

“You’re only here to win,” Boudreau said. “Whatever Paul thinks we should do to improve this team, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re not going to sit still. Whatever he decides to do, I’m going to run with, but I think in the end, we both go to bed at night wanting to win the Stanley Cup. And it just cheap moncler outlet eats away at us when we’re watching these last four teams go at it.”.


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