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Welcome to RoboFont


RoboFont is a UFO-based font editor for Mac OS X.

RoboFont provides a simple-to-use environment to draw and modify typefaces in. It has the following main design features:

– Is written from scratch in Python with scalability in mind.
– Has full scripting access to objects and the application interface.
– Can be used as a platform to build additional tools on.
– Does not preform any ‘auto-magic’.
– Does not overload the user with a multitude of options.
– Uses the UFO format as it’s native file format.

The operating philosophy behind RoboFont is:

The tools you choose influence your creative process.

Because of this, RoboFont provides many opportunities for the user to tailor the application to their design process. It is strict about not preforming ‘auto-magic’ on one’s font files, ‘auto-’ anything is avoided if possible. This means that it does not do and does not have some features of other font editing applications. Because the application is extensible, if a user finds a need in their design process for a feature that isn’t part of RoboFont, it can be added. This allows the user the control to design the application to their design process.

However, the core of RoboFont is a full featured drawing editor, containing all the basic tools a typeface designer needs for drawing and modifying a design.

More Information: Robofont

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