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Or, that rain falls, but nothing gets wet


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cheap moncler outlet One may never be able to pinpoint the precise time of day, the hour or minute that it occurred; but at some point, it developed, matured cheap moncler outlet and became a certainty. It is that mysterious spark or connection that occurs in every relationship, whether between members of the same species, or even of other ones; of that mysterious spark that elevates a relational connection to one not merely encompassing casual friendship, but of a special, unique and singular symbiosis that becomes identified as mysterious and unexplainable. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet jackets It is characterized by a “look” between the two, shared by no one else, allowed entry by exclusive invitation only and zealously guarded by the two who share it. It is that special spark, the glint in the eye, the knowing stare and the longing look; and it can be shared by two young lovers, a couple of old codgers or with a moncler mens jackets cat or a dog, and maybe some other species besides. It is by the shared joke, the exclusive laugh, the hinted metaphor and the crazed reaction; but of whatever the elements that make it up, the two who share it know when it happens, that it exists and that the mysterious spark remains unless violated by one or the other by committing some act of treachery or deceit that breaks the silent code of friendship and fidelity. moncler outlet jackets

moncler sale outlet Can such a mysterious spark exist between a person and an inanimate object or an event, a career or even a place? Perhaps. Think about the career one has embraced where, cheap moncler jackets once you awoke with a spring in your step, an anticipation of joy and even of rushing to get there just to immerse yourself in the day’s project, the afternoon’s conference, and even looked forward to the often wasteful time spent in “coordinating” with coworkers and others. And then something happened. cheap moncler sale The energy is drained; the joy is depleted; the profound fatigue sets in. A medical condition can certainly do that to a person. Office of Personnel Management, moncler sale outlet whether the Federal or Postal employee is under FERS, CSRS or CSRS Offset. If the medical condition is preventing buy moncler jackets the Federal or Postal employee from performing one or more of the essential elements of one’s Federal or Postal job, you likely meet the legal criteria for becoming eligible to receive a Federal Disability Retirement annuity. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler coats For, in the end, the mysterious spark that formed the relationship of special significance between any two entities including the one between a Federal or Postal employee and his or her job and career was always based upon a presupposition that necessitated a contingent agreement involving moncler sale a silent understanding: the continuation of one’s health. One’s intentions often satisfy the guilt we secretly harbor, whether suppressed consciences touch upon the better half of our souls, or not. We “say” we wish to spend more time with family members, our kids, our spouses and other kindred spirits, but then when the moncler outlet opportunity opens up for us to do so, we wallow in the self pity of the internal universe we create. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet uk Have circumstances forced upon us those intentions we have often voiced but never fulfilled? If a medical condition forces one to remain at home Moncler Outlet , why are we not happy that we can spend more time with those whom we have previously cast aside with the words spoken monlcer down jackets but never followed through upon? moncler outlet uk

moncler factory outlet If what we value is based solely upon the words spoken, we would indeed be seen as a compendium of value filled coupons collected over many years of savings; but as time in a bottle is merely an empty space of air filling a bubble of eternity, so words thrown about carelessly to listening ears may be too young to realize and otherwise cling to voices that reassure but never fulfill, like the wolf in sheep’s clothing that devours all who are so gullible as to disregard moncler outlet online the elongated nose that defies belief. Postal workers who suffer from a medical condition, such that the medical condition begins to prevent one from performing one or more of the essential elements of one’s Federal position, it is the deterioration of one’s health that becomes the very test of that which we value. The past whether of long ago, beyond the time of memory holding presently or of history being read about, or the past of one’s own kept in sequestered moments of reflective thought and in photographs carefully guarded and encased within a protective album of shelved remembrances is a time behind; the future, an angst filled uncertainty few of us look forward to. moncler factory outlet

moncler outlet store It is the present, and how we treat it, spend it, work it and waist it away or labor furiously to appear “productive” about; and then, there are ruminations on the past. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets That is where the “why” and the constant obsessions begin to overwhelm of what we could have done differently, where we “went wrong” and what lessons can be gleaned for today. Ruminating on the past is a favorite pastime for many; but when it begins to destroy the future by robbing from the present, it is time to set aside such wasted efforts and begin to focus more upon one’s current situation in order to prepare for the future. Postal workers who suffer from a medical condition such that the medical condition prevents the Federal or Postal worker from performing one or more of the essential elements moncler outlet store of one’s Federal or Postal job, the time to set aside ruminations on the past is “now”. Office of Personnel Management, whether the Federal or Postal employee is under FERS, CSRS or CSRS Offset, takes up a significant amount of time, effort and required focus upon gathering the necessary information, presenting the compelling facts and establishing the legal nexus between the medical conditions and the essential elements of one’s Federal or Postal position. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet In doing so, ruminations on the past need to be suspended; cheap moncler angst ridden obsessions about the future will need to be ignored; and only the “present” focus will become the necessary standard. Ruminations on the past can come about sometime in the future; it is the present concern about past events that will be significant in securing one’s future by preparing, formulating and filing an effective Federal Disability Retirement application. moncler outlet

cheap moncler Posted on January 1, 2018 by OPM Disability Retirement Lawyer cheap moncler

cheap moncler jackets sale We can imagine other worlds in which things are different; science fiction does it all the time, and even traditional literary fiction though the differentiation between “science fiction” and “regular fiction” can often be lost in esoteric and academic ways can depict other worlds not quite familiar, though recognizable enough to keep it apart from fantasy or that of the bizarre. cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler jacket sale We can imagine, for instance, a world in which a pot of water sits upon a burning stove, but the pot never boils because the heat from the burner never transfers its element to the water; and so the isolation of each entity remains unmoved , as each fails to influence the other. Or, that rain falls, but nothing gets wet. What about people? Of a persons who talks and talks and everyone hears, but no impact results. You say to your friend, “A skunk has climbed up on top of your head,” and the friend responds, “Yes, thank you,” but does nothing and goes on with his or her life. moncler jacket sale

moncler jackets outlet It would be a universe where we are consumed and subsumed within the universe of our own thoughts, and the world around us remains separate, isolated and without influence upon entities remaining placid, implacable, undisturbed and without any capacity to moncler outlet sale embrace the causality of an effect that remains otherwise unperturbed moncler jackets outlet.


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