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Led by Jon Miki Thor, a body building champ (he won both Mr


revisit ghosts from the CanCon graveyard

cheap moncler jackets sale Not bad for a country with only 35 million people spread out over nearly 10 million square kilometres. cheap moncler jackets sale

But it wasn always this way. Before the 1970s , there really wasn much of a music industry in this country at all.

cheap moncler coats For the first 70 years of recorded music, Canada was, to put it kindly, a backwater. While there were a few moncler sale domestic record labels, most of the business when to branch offices of foreign companies. We lacked cheap moncler outlet basic infrastructure and expertise: recording studios, producers, managers, agents, venues, promoters, pressing plants all those things that underpin a nation music to moncler outlet online be heard. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler outlet That all changed on Jan. 18, 1971, when the new Canadian content laws decreed by the newly formed CRTC (est. 1967) went into effect. From then on, 30 per cent of music heard on the radio moncler sale outlet down from an original proposal of 45 per cent had to be Canadian in origin using an oddly bureaucratic and idiosyncratic vetting procedure known as the MAPL system. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet As well as a cultural protectionist strategy, it was also an cheap moncler industrial one. Now that radio needed Canadian music Moncler Outlet, the new rules spurred the establishment moncler outlet store of the necessary infrastructure. We needed to create a music industry out buy moncler jackets of whole cloth. moncler outlet

moncler outlet sale Radio types bristled at being told what to play and the notion of having to achieve quotas at the expense of hit songs that audiences craved. and midnight in what was pejoratively called hours. The CRTC soon put a stop to that, adding new regulations that required Canadian music be spun around the clock. moncler outlet sale

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On the surface, all this seemed like a quick fix to the problem of a lack of domestic product on the radio. monlcer down jackets But the government was playing the long game. and Great Britain. And there were plenty of growing pains along the way. That a nice way of saying songs of dubious quality received radio airplay, all in the name of hitting that magic and non negotiable 30 per cent quota.

cheap moncler jackets In honour of Canada Day, I thought we go back through the CanCon graveyard to remember 10 songs that were big cheap moncler jackets hits in their day, but have mostly passed into obscurity since. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet uk 1. Thor, Keep the Dogs AwayWho?When I was working as a grocery clerk, I always knew when my co worker Brian pulled up to the back door. He equipped his Plymouth Cricket with an insanely expensive sound system it was worth more than the car over which he constantly blare this song from a Vancouver band called Thor. Led by Jon Miki Thor, a body building champ (he won both Mr. World Canada and Mr. USA), the group second album, Keep the Dogs Away, received substantial radio airplay, resulting in sales of more than 50,000 good enough for a gold record award. moncler outlet uk

Where Are They Now? Still around. There was a 2009 re release of Keep the Dogs Away, followed in 2014 by a documentary entitled I Am Thor. The band latest album their 28th! was released last year.

2. Leyden Zar, Backstreet GirlWho? A Canadian band featuring Brian Wilson (no, not that one) and three other Montrealers. Formed in 1976 as a backup band for a Quebec club singer named Robert Leroux, they broke away to do their own thing in 1978 and eventually signed to a record deal two years later. Their 1981 self titled debut album recorded at the famous Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec contained a couple of singles, including this one.

moncler outlet store Where Are They Now? No clue. They were dropped from their first label but returned in 1985 with a record entitled LEYDEN ZAR II and released the single Alright. The band broke up in 1986, with the only other peep from them being a re release of those two albums on CD in 1996. moncler outlet store

moncler jacket sale 3. Cats Can Fly, Flippin to the A SideWho? A quintessential one hit wonder. Formed in North York still a separate city from Toronto the group, then known as Scamp, won a radio station talent contest and appeared on Global TV before touring with Burton Cummings. A record was made in 1980 with Guess Who producer Jack Richardson but never released. Reorganizing as Cats Can Fly in 1982, they won another talent contest (this time sponsored by Craven A, the cigarette company; imagine that) which led to a deal with CBS records. A self titled album was released on CBS Records in 1986, driven by the radio success of to the A Side. All the attention landed them a Juno nomination for Most Promising Group. moncler jacket sale

Where Are They Now? Nice effort, but they were dropped by CBS in 1988 after one album. No one wanted to sign them after that, so they broke up.

4. This track was all over AM radio (it was a Top 40 hit) as well as some AC stations through the summer and fall of 1984.

Where Is He Now? Still performing and occasionally recording.

moncler factory outlet 5. Frank Soda and The Imps, High TimesWho? Frank once had a gig as a guitarist with Thor, but broke away from the band in moncler outlet 1978 to form The Imps. He built a moncler mens jackets reputation as a crazy live performer, known for wearing strange headgear like TV sets and a smoking pig during his sets. The Imps received regional airplay on FM rock stations while also opening for bands like Deep Purple, Triumph, Ian Hunter, and many others. My first exposure to Frank was a performance clip on CBC Good Rockin Tonight. moncler factory outlet

Where Are They Now? Still performing.

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6. Wrabit, Anyway AnytimeWho? A melodic hard rock band originally from Ottawa who found purchase on the Toronto club circuit in the early 1980s. After signing with MCA for their second album, Wrough and Wready the cover featured a logo drawn by Bugs Bunny artist Chuck Jones they had a couple of FM hits in 1982 83.

Where Are They Now? They broke up in 1983. Guitarist John Albani went to work with metal queen Lee Aaron before heading to Nashville to set up a recording studio.

cheap moncler 7. Santers, Shot Down in FlamesWho? Canada (temporary) answer to Van Halen. Toronto brothers Rick (guitar) and Mark (drums) Santers have the distinction of the biggest band for which my band (I can remember what we were called) opened. I don remember much about the gig other than Charlie, our bass player and singer, was so nervous that he knocked back three triple rum and cokes before our set. Santers was kind of like the little brothers of Triumph, a band who mentored them and would occasionally lend them PA gear. There were a series of Santers albums from 1981 forward that did well on rock radio in Canada, including this song, written in memory of AC/DC Bon Scott. cheap moncler

Where Are They Now?The band broke up it didn help that they were on the unsteady Ready Records label and Rick returned to session work.

moncler outlet online 8. Goddo, Sweet ThingWho? The brainchild of Scarborough native Greg Godovitz, Goddo had a good run through the late 1970s and early 1980s and were once able to easily fill 2,000 seaters across the country. Two albums, If Indeed It Lonely at the Top CARES Lonely at the Bottom Too! and Pretty Bad Boys went gold. I was a major fan. moncler outlet online

moncler sale outlet Where Are They Now? Still around, sort of. Greg can be found playing on occasion. He also has something to do with the reconstruction of moncler outlet sale the El Mocambo in Toronto, which is set to reopen later this year. His memoir, Travels with My Amp, is a fun read. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet jackets 9. Queen City Kids, Follow You ThereWho? A four piece from Regina who was a favourite of the club and university circuit in western Canada in the early 1980s. In addition to radio airplay throughout the prairies, they toured with Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett,Blue yster Cult and April Wine moncler outlet jackets.


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