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[ID:nN09276077]BP is also facing a $10 billion federal class


No posts about bugs in beta software. I tried to build a bootable usb drive last night, followed the steps completely and then the drive didn unmount properly. OS said it needed to be repaired, so I (reluctantly) let disk utility do its thing. I say this because after installation but before rebooting, I check the efibootmgr and it indeed showed both Windows and Fedora. I was thinking it was the Secure Boot and I did turn it off for one attempt but didn make a difference. Wonder what could be the settings in BIOS that cause this issue..

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Wholesale Replica Bags EPA has requested BP provide information regarding the release of chemicals like benzene, a known carcinogen, at the plant between April 6 and May 16.BP has reported that more than 500,000 pounds of pollutants were emitted from the refinery into the air, including 17,000 pounds best replica designer bags of benzene, during this period. The pollution occurred when the refinery ultracracker, which is a hydrocracking unit, was malfunctioning.The Texas Attorney General said last month it was suing BP for the excess pollution. [ID:nN09276077]BP is also facing a $10 billion federal class best replica bags action lawsuit best replica designer over the April May pollution by workers at the refinery and residents of Texas City, located 50 miles south of Houston.joining the investigation, EPA will help ensure disclosure of all information by BP, said EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz.The agency said information replica designer backpacks received during the investigation will be used to determine whether the 465,000 barrel per day BP refinery is in compliance with the Clean Air Act. Wholesale Replica Bags

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