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Goalie values are weirdly disproportionate in our league so


The 8 man raids are “the raids.” These are Binding Coils of Bahamut (Lv 50), Alexander (Lv 60), and Omega (Lv 70). Alexander and Omega have 2 difficulty mode: Normal/Story and Savage. (BCoB is Savage level on its base content. I not looking for a gamebreaker because I up 16 but I want to keep the lead on off nights.Goalie values are weirdly disproportionate in our league so even an average game will get me 3 4 points. PTS: W 3, GA 1, SV 0.25, SHO 2.I was confirmed as an adult many years ago at the Easter Vigil. After Mass we were all standing around, not really wanting to leave, but not really knowing what to do.

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