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Daniel and his wife, Amber, had been married three years when


canada goose How One Couple Avoided Financial Ruin After A Traumatic Brain Injury Gerri Detweiler, Dec. 5, 2014, 12:28 PM Daniel and Amber Mollino (pictured here) were able to stay out of debt despite Daniel’s costly brain injury.Credit.comDaniel Mollino was not quite 27 when a 20-foot fall from the top of a telephone pole to the street below changed most of his world. He was making repairs when he fell in 2010. He was first not expected to live, then not expected to be able to function outside of a healthcare setting. If you’ve ever had a brain injury patient in your family, you know you’re told over and over that the person who comes home from the hospital isn’t the same one who came in. In many cases, marriages collapse under the strain. But Daniel’s didn’t. And in part that was due to the solid financial foundation he and his wife had built before the accident. Daniel and his wife, Amber, had been married three years when he fell. They were accomplished savers; when they got raises, they put the additional money toward the joint goal of buying a home. At the time, Daniel had their finances automated on Quicken: Salaries went in and were allocated into bills, savings accounts, Christmas accounts and the like. The system pretty much ran itself. And, they had a fat cushion of cash. Daniel said that early in their marriage, they had put themselves on fairly strict budgets, paying down some credit card debt and giving each person a cash allowance each week. They later graduated to using credit cards


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