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Associated Typographics


Associated Typographics is a type foundry started by Michael Cina and Matthew Desmond. Having been working together since 1996. Michael and Matthew have developed a very impressive list of custom typographic work for such clients as Disney, Nike, Google, MTV, Victoria’s Secret among many others. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Michael Cina about Associated Typographics and their new release typeface Ramsey.

What prompted you to start your own type foundry?

This will be my fourth foundry now. Not many people know this, but I started out creating typefaces and doing design. My first foundry was CinaHaus in 1996 and shortly after I joined up with a couple of guys to start Test Pilot Collective. In 2000 I decided to go out on my own and I needed a place to sell my typefaces again. So I started up YouWorkForThem which I sold three years ago. Now that I am starting to release type again, I need a new home for the fonts. Matthew Desmond is also working with me on this venture.

What’s the initial idea behind the font Ramsey?

Ramsey began as just a sketch from some type I saw on an album cover when shopping. I kept redrawing it (I do this a lot) and adding in new characteristics. I never was too serious on it until 9 months ago I realized that there could be something there. So I kept redrawing and tweaking until I ended up with the final face. I feel it is solid and worthy to put my name on.

Working on fonts is hard because when you change one thing, often you have to change 14 other letters to ensure a consistent look. I wanted Ramsey to be really functional for all types of uses. I hate making fonts that have one use to them. I like to think of fonts like they are people, so they have unique characteristics and are multidimensional. I am a designer too so a lot of times I design the extra characters like they are part of something I would have fun using. I am doing this more and more.

Will Associated Typographics be a place you will showcase not only commercial fonts that our purchasable to the public but also custom typefaces?

Yes, that is the overall vision. The fonts will be primarily my solo fonts and faces and the ones I work on with Matthew Desmond. We will also be working together on custom typeface projects under Associated Typographics. We just finished the Disney project earlier this year and it had such a wonderful outcome. We compliment each other very well and have known each other since 1997.

And what’s next, any new fonts we should keep a look out for?

Yes, I have a lot in cue. I wish the day had more hours. I will have a muti-styled stencil family coming out at the beginning of next year. It will be loaded with a lot of little typographic toys. I have a lot of others in the works but I have been focusing on this one for now. I was thinking about taking a little time off this one to see how fast I could build out a font.

I do a lot of branding jobs through agencies and often I am drawing custom type for those projects. I enjoy it because it is just practice drawing new forms that I would not draw on my own. I am also working on some custom letters for a new project I am working on too. We will see if that turns into a typeface or not. It is pretty interesting at this point.

Ramsey can be purchasedhere


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