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Adam and Eve simply stood for our ancestors


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Canada Goose sale For some reason the biological data have caused a kerfuffle at BioLogos. One would think that if these folks are really devoted to reconciling science and Christianity, they do for Adam and Eve what they did for Genesis: claim that this is just a metaphor rather than the literal truth, and the literal interpretation is theologically misguided. Adam and Eve simply stood for our ancestors, just as Smokey the Bear stands for all wild bears. Canada Goose sale

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cheap canada goose uk There is much to think about here. I also try to avoid political discussions. I have some definite ideas that often meet with canada goose factory outlet strong rebuttal. Granted, Islam is not the only faith that attacks science, and there are Islamic scholars who do accept evolution. But, as Salman Hameed notes in a piece in Science on Islamic creationism, evolution appears to strike canada goose outlet black friday particularly hard at certain parts of Islamic dogma, especially the notion that humans are special. Hameed gives a graph of acceptance of evolution in six Muslim countries (data gathered between 1996 and 2003) cheap canada goose uk.


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