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Type the Sky by Lisa Reinermann


In Type the Sky, Berlin-based designer, Lisa Reinermann, presents the alphabet as formed by the outlines of tall buildings when viewed from below.

After spotting the letter Q while looking up at the sky in a Barcelona courtyard, weeks of dedicated sky gazing ensued before she managed to complete the alphabet, though she concedes that a little Photoshop work helped here and there with some of the more difficult letters.

The project was completed while studying at the University Duisburg-Essen and is presented in a slipcase containing a folded poster.

Original article on
Lisa Reinermann’s website


Now try to find the extra characters. ampersand would be an interesting one.

I had a friend once that used to be so scared of heights that looking up at building used to make him cry, i do believe this would be his most hated typeface.


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