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The Photographers Gallery Identity | North



The Photographers Gallery Identity | North


The new identity for The Photographers’ Gallery is constructed around the idea of framing. In designing the identity we knew we had to find a graphic device that could offer flexibility whilst holding the overall look of the gallery and and it’s communication together. We were inspired by the way sections of the new architectural scheme frame the building, the role of artists framing images and in turn The Photographers’ Gallery reframing the work.

The strength of the graphic meant we needed an equally strong choice of typeface. We settled upon Akzidenz Grotesk Extra Bold Condensed, set in all caps. It’s a well crafted classic typeface and lends itself perfectly to being the new headline font for The Photographers’ Gallery.

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Striking, fresh icons and impeccable overall presentation. But, the brand-idea of ‘framing’ is a bit obvious and the expression of it is not nearly strong enough to justify flipping an ‘L’ into a ‘J’ to read ‘GALJERY’

Andrew Sabatier

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