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TextPref — A new font foundry


Miles Newlyn is a world-renowed designer, having had a hand in designing the logos for Unilever, Honda, Sky, EE, 3 and many more. He has also created the typefaces that many of these businesses use as their own unique voice all around the world.

Together with a small international team, Newlyn is launching the TextPref font foundry to build a collection of typefaces that will be the fruit of 20 years experience creating the typographic face and voice of some of the worlds biggest and best businesses. These typefaces originate from the ideas and strategies that have helped put clients, from Zaha Hadid to the Tate Gallery, at the heart of contemporary culture.

It’s Newlyn’s ambition that by way of TextPref’s typefaces, the communication power big brands be available to any designer. This has nothing to do with professionalism or corporate values; it’s about identifying emerging themes among our needs and aspirations and giving them form – it’s how big brands are made, and it paves the way for better transactions.

Newlyn explains his approach: “Other foundries talk of typographic solutions and ownable features. That’s irrelevant to the people you’re trying to engage. Their attention is valuable and isn’t gained with corporate approachability or tailored humanity. Macmillan needed a voice to speak about living with cancer, so I dipped a banana in a jar of iodine and opened up. For a government the tool would be different, but the approach the same.”

TextPref is launching with two typefaces, TP Rubrik and TP Farm. Four more typefaces will be released later during the year, some of which having been eight years in development. All of them deliver the TextPref ethos, that the reader feel ‘like what it says’.

Visit and test the two typefaces using your own text, and stay tuned for more soon.


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