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Text Axis – Interview


Following up from one of my earlier articles I’ve managed to get an interview with Iñigo, the man behind the amazing Textaxis. Although not an English speaker we’ve managed to put together the following with the power of Google Translate. Enjoy.

1) Did you always want to design type and how did you get started?

Not always, I’ve always loved drawing, first studied illustration and had no idea it was typography, finishing, at age 23 I decided to continue studying graphic design, that’s when I discovered typography. The end everything has made sense, drawing and type design are linked together, graphic design context where use of typography.

2) How do you split your time between type design and other design work?

Very complicated, I like to work in typography without charge, and that is very difficult to combine work and commercial life, it is becoming more difficult, now resolve professional engagements, but I started and what continues to motivate me is the pleasure of learning.

3) What are you working on right now?

In a Scotch typeface, for a book.

4) What is your greatest (type design) achievement to date and why?

Perhaps “Quixote” for everything I’ve learned in the work process, discover the intricacies of the Baroque typography I proved enlightening.

5) Can you give us an overview of the process you take when creating a new typeface?

Analysis of the briefing and context of use of the letter. Freehand drawing, 2. Digitization. 3. Corrections

6) What is your favourite part of that process?

No doubt in the freehand drawing, sketching is the phase of the work I like, in the digitization project is always growing, but I at least set on paper only, with any tool with that can translate a line through his hand.

7) Do you find yourself drawing inspiration from any particular era, culture or movement?

Years ago the only thing that inspires me are the historical movements, classical models, now I’m obsessed with the nineteenth century was the end of the book and the burst of publicity. I hope it’s just a time and move to another phase soon.

8) Whose work and faces do you most admire?

As Mr Frutiger contemporary typographer, and typefaces, historical patterns, if I’m a bit boring, but I can not think of anything more interesting. All printers and craftsmen through something as hard as lead typography did evolve deserve my admiration.

9) where is the coolest place you’ve seen your work applied?

Suite, a free magazine trends, the opportunity to mix art direction, editorial design and type design, was a luxury. Oh, no, no, typography and logo redesign for a major bank, typography is not very interesting in itself, but is labeled in the car of Fernando Alonso, white on red, in a Ferrari Formula 1 , Cool!

10) If you weren’t a type designer what would you be?

Artisan, which I would connect the brain with hands, but I think that’s why I like the typography.



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