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Sweet Sans designed by Mark van Bronkhorst | MVB Fonts is based on antique engraver’s lettering templates called “masterplates.” During the first half of the twentieth century, Professional stationers would use a pantograph to manually transfer letters from these masterplates to a piece of copper or steel that is then etched to serve as a plate or die.

Referencing various masterplates — which typically offer the alphabet, figures, an ampersand, and little else — Mark van Bronkhorst has drawn a comprehensive toolkit of nine weights, each offering upper- and lowercase forms, small caps, true italics, arbitrary fractions, and various figure sets designed to harmonize with text, small caps, and all-caps. The fonts are available as basic, Standard character sets, and as Pro character sets offering a variety of typographic features and full support for Western and Central European languages.

Though rich in history, Sweet Sans is made for contemporary use. A wonderful and functional tribute to the spirit of unsung craftsmanship.

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