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Rosetta font was designed by Alexandra Mendes for an upcoming branding project. The typeface design is inspired in all things lovely and luscious of the female intimate universe: lingerie, lace, blush powder, négligé, bustier, lip gloss and other lavish niceties.Should feel as a flirt, the subtle wink of the eye, a roseate glow.

Rosetta is a coquette who flirts with life, winking her eyes, batting her lashes, flicking her hair, leaving her scent behind as she passes on the street, turning heads, with her whispering lips and waddling feline walk. Teasing and feigned disinterest to test the reliability of her admirers.

Tall slenderizing lines and delicate curves shape the form of Rosetta. The typeface look is minimal and contemporary but reminiscent of a certain “je ne sais quoi” of Art Deco. There’s a pure linear geometric symmetry to the font, to create a look of elegant modernity, that exudes a flair for glamour.

Rosetta is a font family set composed by the styles: Rosetta, Rosetta Blush, Rosetta Bloom, Rosetta Bud.


Alexandra Mendes is an independent Art Director/Designer at Blank.



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