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Project Neon | Kirsten Hively







Beautiful Neon letterforms feature throughout Kirsten Hively’s Project Neon which documents the best of New York City’s neon signs.

Each week she updates her Tumblr with a new shot and some backstory. Here’s how she describes the project:

Follow a girl as she follows the glow in search of New York’s best neon signs. Every week I’ll visit another of New York City’s neon-clad establishments and post a photo & story, and tell you more about why I’m traipsing around this metropolis in the cold & dark to visit pharmacies, shoe repair stores, and bars with good neon signs to buy cough syrup, get my shoes repaired or just have a drink.

After a successfully funded Kickstarter appeal,  Kirsten is now working on an iPhone app of the best signs in NYC.


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Hi Kirsten,

my name is Kemberly Richardson, I am a reporter at WABC, ch 7. Would love to talk about doing a story on you. You can reach me at this email. Thanks


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