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Practice Foundry


In celebration of the Chinese New Year on January 23rd, Alvin Kwan from Practice Foundry released this 2012 lunisolar calendar.

Following traditional Chinese convention, this lunisolar calendar is formatted in vertical columns from top to bottom. The first column (displaying the days of the week) is on the right side of the page, and the days run towards the left. The moon phases, represented with symbols in this calendar, are especially important in Chinese calendar as they mark traditional East Asian holidays such as the Chinese New Year.

Unlike daily Chinese calendar in common households, this calendar shows the whole year at a glance. The unconventional format is ideal for marking long term projects and goals. Moreover, this calendar also references the graph paper that is commonly used by students for writing Chinese literature.

The calendar measures 502 x 240 mm, printed on premium warm-white colour Arches in an edition of 180.


You can purchase it here.


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