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Posters in Amsterdam | Jarr Geerligs






Ams4 started as a personal inspirational archive for art director and designer Jarr Geerligs in October 2002.

It grew over the years and Jarr thought that the archive would be of better use when shared with others. One of the reasons being the temporary nature of the posters. They hang in the city for a week or two and then they are gone. Another being that probably other designers would be interested what kind of designs are hanging in the city of Amsterdam. So, Jarr started sharing them on Flickr since August 2006.

This year he designed and made a site around the collection:

The collection is a ‘goldmine’ for typographic inspiration, featuring some brilliant examples of Dutch Graphic Design – including amongst others work by Experimental Jetset and Studio Dumbar – definitely one to keep an eye on.







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