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Petrobras Launch New Corporate Font Designed by Dalton Maag

Petrobras, one of the largest energy companies in the world, has unveiled a new custom font designed by Dalton Maag as part of its corporate identity.

The energy company has a presence in 28 different countries, and is a household name in Brazil, with more than 7,000 petrol stations across the country. This is the first time during the 60 year history of the company that Petrobras has had its own, unique font. The new font family ties the brand elements together to form a consistent whole, unifying their identity across the company.

Dalton Maag were approached by The LED Project, based in São Paulo, to help them with the typography for the new approach to the Petrobras identity. The Dalton Maag team in Brazil worked in collaboration with the London studio to produce a total of 40 concepts which were then discussed with the LED Project and narrowed down to six for presentation to Petrobras.The new font, Petrobras Sans, is a confident sans serif typeface with a firm construction that suggests the solidity of a multinational business, whilst including a softer human side. The terminals taper smoothly to create a more organic feel to the letter forms, which also adds individuality to the design. This difficult and interesting balance was created to reflect the human talent which Petrobras feels is one of the keys to the success of the company. Classic principles of typography were then used to make sure that every letter was legible even in the smallest sizes.

Fabio Haag, Creative Director of Dalton Maag Brazil, said: “All of us Brazilians at Dalton Maag are especially proud of being part of this project, and helping to create the new voice of Petrobras. The biggest challenge was to create a typographic concept with the unique personality of the brand, while keeping it extremely legible so that it would perform well at display and text sizes. It had to work for the complex range of applications used by Petrobras, from TV commercials to the gas stations and everything in between.”



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