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New Rail Alphabet


A revival of the British ‘Rail Alphabet’ designed in the early sixties by Margaret Calvert of Kinneir Calvert & Associates. ‘Rail Alphabet’ was originally drawn as a constituent part of an integral signing system.

The original alphabet, in the form of dyelines, was carefully traced and subtle adjustments made, including extended ascenders and descenders to aid legibility in smaller point sizes. Capital letters were thinned so they don’t spot out in running text. Ligning numerals made narrower and non aligning figures added to compliment the lowercase letters.

© 2009 Margaret Calvert & Henrik Kubel.
New Rail Alphabet is a Trademark of A2-TYPE & A2.SW/HK Limited


Margaret will you marry me? (I don’t think she will, but I love this typeface.)

Joey Teehan

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