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New from Fontsmith — FS Truman


FS Truman
Taking a bespoke sans serif beyond broadcast.
A sans serif font that takes the humanist model to a different, more interesting level.

Originally designed by Jason Smith and Fernando Mello as a broadcast typeface for aUK TV channel, FS Truman has been re-issued as a new member of the Fontsmith library.

The success of the original was due to its eye-catching design working well on screen, adding force to announcements for upcoming action series and films, and its standout amongst other TV channel identities. The font was influenced by the simple, legible, condensed and geometric aspects of Bauhaus and the humanist model for sans serifs.

Elements of the original design, including the headline and text versions, have now been merged together to form a robust typeface, ideal for use way beyond the original broadcast context. FS Truman takes the humanist ideal into a different, more interesting level, with a strong rational spirit and a number of distinctive, ownable quirks.

FS Truman is available in a comprehensive range of weights.


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