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New from Fontsmith — FS Olivia


FS Olivia
Capturing the poetry of pen, ink and paper.
A serif typeface that captures the details of the process of writing.

Inspired by Dutch and Belgian poetry books and Sjoerk Hendrik de Roos’s typefaces, FS Olivia is a font that captures the details of the process of writing. Imperfections in the printing process can often add personality and FS Olivia shares this characteristic as the design has been inspired by handwriting, with the addition of some very modern features.

Olivia is a friendly and feminine typeface that captures the motion of the pen, with low junctions, deep top serifs and semi-rounded edges.

Designer Eleni Beveratou explains: “When creating a typeface it’s fair to say that it reflects some of the designer’s personality. And that’s certainly the case with FS Olivia. Although technology is part of my everyday life, I am a great admirer of traditional graphic design where you can touch and feel paper and ink.”

FS Olivia is available in a range of weights and supports Greek and Cyrillic alphabets in addition to the standard Latin characters.


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