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New from Fontsmith — FS Elliot


FS Elliot
A new generation sans serif with a British twist.
A work-horse sans serif, ideal for a broad range of applications.

FS Elliot is a robust, hard-working sans serif typeface for the 21st Century, with its roots firmly planted in the 60s. Designed by Nick Job, the design sets out to create something squarely in the British tradition, drawing on the influence of Jock Kinnear, Margaret Calvert and Design Research Unit, before adding warmth and broad appeal to create a hard-worker in any environment.

The typeface retains the simplicity and openness of the 60s typographic style, whilst creating something with further reach. FS Elliot has been designed to be very practical, a work-horse that can be used in a large number of applications with extensions into Cyrillic and Greek helping to test its durability.

Of the design process, Nick Job said: “The great thing about having an eye on the future is that most of it is unknown. It’s what encourages us to take risks and it leaves an uncertainty which, I believe, gives the best work its enduring appeal.”

FS Elliot is available in a Pro version with full language support and a full range of Roman, Cyrillic and Greek weights.


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