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Mineral | Benoît Bodhuin


Benoît Bodhuin’s new typeface  ‘Mineral’  is now available — Thanks to Benoît for the images / info

Mineral is a crystalline font carved into the rock, coming from space, a starry type. Its design is consisted of square module sometimes rotated of 45 degrees. This feature modular gives it a design between a pixel type and kapla constructed type. It comes in three styles – solid, border and outline. The main style – Mineral solid – has the property of being a stencil, the two others are titration versions of the main drawing.

–Mineral is a glittering writing, fractured into multiple tetragonal splinters, rectangular modules slightly spaced, like quartz and pixel. A Kapla style construction, with stencil properties – Solid version only – however offers to the font a great readability. Mineral Solid has 2 stylistic titling alternatives: Border and Outline.

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