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LL Brown from lineto


Initiated as a collaborative type design project by Zurich-based designers Urs Lehni & Lex Trüb, LL Brown has been drawn and developed by Aurèle Sack over the course of the last four years.

Evidently, Sack’s new font family owes a lot to the seminal type designs of Edward Johnston and Arno Drescher, who with their «Johnston» (ca. 1915) and «Super Grotesk» (ca. 1930) each created immensely influential and supremely successful geometric typefaces as much as one hundred years ago.

Yet Aurèle Sack was not aiming at a revival font. Using the historic predecessors for formal cues, he kept developing it more freely, adding a similarly purist and near-surgical flavour as with his earlier typefaces, most notably the Futura variant he drew as Omega‘s corporate typeface for Norm a few years back.

Since 2008, sought-after test versions of LL Brown have been put to excellent use by a number of eminent designers around the globe, among them Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath, Mark Owens/Oslo Editions, Jonas Voegeli, Jon Hares (in the only authorised @fontface use to date) and, most recently, Norm & Andro Wekua as well as the wonderfully poetic Medium magazine.

LL Brown also has been prominently featured in various design publications, among them the highly recommended Type Archive issue of Seoul-based GRAPHIC magazine.

After much delay, we are proud and happy to finally offer LL Brown as a family package in 4 weights: Thin, Light, Regular and Bold, each weight with matching italic cuts. But that’s not all: Sack also created alternative cuts for the Regular and Bold weights, serving as a stylistic variant especially interesting for use at smaller sizes. Furthermore, each cut also comes in a reclining version, offering variety and room for playful use. An elegantly serious typeface that works exceedingly well for large and small use, in headlines and for text.

The fonts come in Opentype and Truetype format, in both Standard and Pro versions; Pro offers additional language support for Central European and Turkish languages. Pdf documents with the character map and a list of covered languages are available on request.

Four «Reclining» cuts and six «Alternate» cuts are provided free of charge with their respective weights.

Aurèle Sack is no newcomer to Lineto; under the guidance of Norm, he was responsible for the LL Purple typeface. Specializing in type design and editorial projects in the cultural field, Aurèle Sack was awarded the Swiss Federal Design Prize in 2006 and 2010. Currently teaching at ecal, he is working on a new typeface family whose colourful name we can only guess at this point.



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